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Pogan & Fantasy Session 2013

Dziś chciałbym zaprezentować Wam dużą paczkę zdjęć z sesji z PSYCHOFOTO.  Sesja zainspirowana klimatami Pogan i Fantasy. Z tego co pamiętam sesja była robiona w Sierpniu 2013 w Gdyni.  Zapraszam do oceniania i komentowania...

 A Lesson In Violence / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

If you got something to say
then come my way
i'm guarded by satan
i'm riding on baphomet
i'll teach you a lesson in violence
you won't soon forget

 Beyond The Great Vast Forest / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Beyond the great vast forest, surrounded by majestic mountains,
dark rivers float like tears of sorrow.
Frost submerge the holy ring of fire.
They shall rise again, for they are of Him...
The Dark Lord of eternity's. These are the Devils of Darkness.

 Bless The Child / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Why am I loved only when I'm gone?
Gone back in time to bless the child
Think of me long enough to make a memory
Come bless the child one more time

 Dark Light / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

A dark light---A darkness never ending
A dark light---The devil gets his due
A dark night---Is everywhere descending
A dark light---Is coming for you

 Die By The Sword / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Live by the sword and help to contain
The helpless minds of you all
Die by my hand in pools of blood
Clutch yourself as you fall
Mindless tyranny, forgotten victims
Children slaughtered in vain
Raping the maids, in which they serve
Only the words of the Lord

 Don't Burn The Witch / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Don't burn the witch
The ways of hell aren't wrong
Don't burn the witch
Let them brew their song

 Like A Bird / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

It all seems like yesterday
like a bird, time does fly
no sooner than you said hello
its time, its time, its time to say goodbye 

 Magic Taborea / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Torn between the world
I divine the meaning
Thought I fought with my fair-minded heart
I am weak and torn apart
I feel the magic running through my veins
A prophecy is fulfilled these days

 Magical Mystery Tour / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour.
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour.
Roll up (And that's an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour.
Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour.
The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away,
Waiting to take you away. 

 Power Shift / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Let's sing to the anthem of the last days
There's no turning back
Let's sing together now for the last time (for the last time)

 Swordmaster / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Born with shining steel in hand, fightings all you know
mastering the blade, to kill those who betray
with skill and deadly grace, severed heads erase
a wrong that has been done, only death can overcome

 The Clansman / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Walk alone in the hills with the wind in your face
It feels good to be proud and be free and a race
That is part of a clan and to live on highlands
And the air that you breathe so pure and so clean 

 The Devil Hides Behind Her Smile / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

She's a bit too nice this evening
Suspicion makes me a bit vile
I'll skin her before morning
And find out what's behind that smile

The Enchanted Forest / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat 

In the skyline
Of the dark light
Searching the sign
Of ancient rites


 fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat 

fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat 

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