wtorek, 31 grudnia 2013

Anna Mieczkowska - Behind the Mirror

Sesja z Ania w Opuszczony Szpital & Panoramy - Stocznia Gdańsk. Trzeba nadrobić zaległości na blogu...:) Przy okazji równiez dwa zdjęcia z Bazia Ziraya. Zapraszam do oglądania. Wszystkie zdjęcia na bieżąco na Tarakum Photography.

About Her / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Well no one told me about her
The way she lies
Well no one told me about her
How many people cried

 Behind the Mirror / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Flying through the black hole
Things look strange in this new dimension
You expected a brave new world
But what is this - only hate and destruction
No love, no hope only weakness and violence
When you return reality carries on for you
Nothing can help you escape from this world
A place of hate and terror 

 Can I Play With Madness / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

I screamed aloud to the old man
I said don't lie don't say you don't know
I say you'll pay for your mischief
In this world or the next
Oh and then he fixed me with a freezing glance
And the hell fires raged in his eyes
He said do you want to know the truth son
- I'll tell you the truth
Your soul's gonna burn in the lake of fire 

 Eruption / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night

 Helpless / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

I gotta see you moving fast
See you come my way
See the dreams, I hope they last
Never fade away

 Shadows And Dust / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

The sun sets on our sinking ship of fools
On our journey into oblivion
We ask ourselves again and again
Now will we be remembered

 Violent Revolution / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Beauty is no more it's all gone
And utopia will not come
Trust I can not feel, only pain
And my burning mind has gone insane 

When Darkness Falls / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

As you walk the path of least resistance,
is it that simple as you claim it to be
your tongue, your eyes, your lies, they
do deceive you i stand firm in my solidarity,
the path i walk, i walk it with my own resolve

środa, 11 grudnia 2013

Marcin Bruniecki - Make Me Laugh

Kolejna przypadkowa sesyjka z znanym tutaj już Marcinem... Tylko 3 zdjęcia, ale jakiś tam klimacik jest...

Zapraszam kolejno na Tarakum Photography

 Ain't It Fun / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Ain't it fun when you're always on the run
Ain't it fun when your friends despise what you become
Ain't it fun when you get so high
Well... that you, you just can't come

 Get Off My Back / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

You're always complaining at me
Get off my back
Why won't you just let me be
Get off my back

Make Me Laugh / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Spread the word
Through me God is heard
Your're making me laugh
Tell me your killin' joke

poniedziałek, 9 grudnia 2013

Olga Kużmierczyk - Breakin' All The Rules

Kilka zdjęć z przypadkowej sesji nocną porą z Olgą... 

 Breakin' All The Rules / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Nobody thinks the way I do,
I guess that nobody dares
Your head's so full of things,
So set your mind free of them,
I'm breaking the rules

 Midnight Lightning / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

To understand both sides of the sky
you gotta keep on groovin' yeah,
Good groovin'
'Cause you got your God and so do I
We gotta keep on lovin'

 Reach out / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

You're fighting your friends
All you win everybody
But it never ends
You're wearing me out