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Maria Betty Sługocka - Rock 'N' Roll Rebel

Zdjęcia z sesji z Maria Betty Sługocką w Gdynia Grabówek na terenie starego budynku PKP.

Swoją drogą zapraszam na fanpage... TARAKUM PHOTOGRAPHY

Zapraszam na fanpage... 26 DNI - 445 LIKÓW...!!

Behind The Mirror / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Entering a part of your mind
Where reality is lost and time stands still
Dreams and nightmares are one
Only hell knows if this is real
No human being has been here before
Not a single soul has seen this before
You are entering a new world and you are the first
The mysteries of life becoming clearer

 Burning Inside / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Will these dreams still follow me,
On of dark obscurity?
Cant you see it up in the sky
As it kicks you in the face and lets you dye
You never have the answers
And now you tell me the facts of life
I really couldn’t be bothered with you
Get out of my face and watch me die
Burning inside!burning inside!

Just Another Lie / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

You put your army on the street
But I can't see the peace they keep
They beat you up and gun you down
The mayor wears the golden crown

Moses / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

What is wrong with humans from beginning of creation
Brutal dem a never gonna change no I
Father give dem life dat dem turn to sufferation
Politics dem worship in dem rage
They will never make to rule my life
No matter what takes I'm breaking their breaks
With Jah love humanity survive
No matter what takes I'm breaking their breaks

Packaged Rebellion / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

If you win then you lose
Look at me to approve
You're so hard, you're so real
You got nothing

Rock 'N' Roll Rebel / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

I'm just a rock n' roll rebel
I'll tell you no lies
They say I worship the devil
They must be stupid or blind
I'm just a rock n' roll rebel

Within The Walls Of Chaos / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

With every passing day
Another life is cast astray
Wear the wrong colors
And you might get blown away

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