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Maria Betty Sługocka - Blood Strigoi

Sesja zdjęciowa wykonywana na starym cmentarzu Żydowskim w Gdańsk Chełmno.


Kilka zdjęć z sesji zaliczyło trochę publikacji na portalach producenta butów oraz na dużych fanpagach poświeconych tematyce Gotyckiej.

 Decieving Eyes / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

On the night all mirrors fell silent
And the clocks struck accord with the rain
A storm swept in with such violence
The dead rose to complain
The stars were ill-crossed as the weather
Lost in its bitumen cloak
The Angels were warring, slick with endeavour
Falling like tears through the thickening smoke

 More Than Meets The Eye / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Life in the world untold, question the unknown
This prison captures me, my cell is all I know
I thought I knew it all, stubborn in my ways
My sentence has begun, my future's what I waste
 Sign Of An Open Eye / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

There is a god in man,
and in nature.
He who sits in the dark,
is the bringer of light.

Inno A Satana / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat 

O' mighty Lord of the Night. Master of beasts. Bringer of pain and derision.
Thou whose spirit lieth upon every act of oppression, hatred and strife.
Thou whose presence dwelleth in every shadow.
Thou who strengthen the power of every quietus.
Thou who sway every plague and storm.

 Om Kristen Og Jödisk Tru / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Niestety tekst pozostał nieznany.

 R.I.P / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Everything I needed before, is unimportant now.
I don't need no prayers now, just give back the light.
I won't cry - not anymore. Nobody can give me help.
Rotten flowers between my hands, remembrance of my life. 

Silverwing / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat 

Fly with me on a starlit sky
I'll set you free... Yes, it can be
A dream unchased is a life at waste
Never let them conquer your pride
Our love is warm here
Like the image of a distant sun
This star will always shine
And never, ever fade away

Hail and Kill / fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

Blood And Death Are Waiting Like A Raven In The Sky
I Was Born To Die
Hear Me While I Live Now As I Look Into Your Eyes
None Shall Hear A Lie
Now Power And Dominion Are Taken By The Will
By Divine Right Hail And Kill


  fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

fot. Karol "Tarakum" Makurat

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